Volquartsen Rimfire Pistols

Volquartsen Firearms make some of the finest rimfire guns out there and Volquartsen rimfire pistols are no exception. The Scorpion and Black Mamba are modeled after the Ruger MKIII and MKIV that we all know and love. The Scorpion (MKIII) and Black Mamba (MKIV) are the culmination of what rimfire should be. They have upgraded triggers, improved extractors and firing pins, adjustable target sights, and a picatinny rail for mounting optics and accessories. They are extremely reliable and run well when suppressed.

The Scorpion has a VF Target Frame that is machined from billet aluminum. The VF Target frame has a Volquartsen accurizing kit, target hammer and sear, extended bolt release, extended safety selector, and extended mag release.

The Black Mamba has a factory Ruger polymer frame that is a MKIV frame. Volquartsen installs an extended safety, an accurizing kit, and a mag release that allows for magazines to sit higher in the frame and increase reliability.

Both pistols have a competition bolt that is case-hardened and then DLC-coated to aid in reliability by increasing lubricity. The bolts also have an Exact Edge Extractor, SureStrike firing pin, and recoil rod. You may have also noticed that the Volquartsen Competition bolts stick out of the receiver to aid in manipulating the firearm and prevent pinching your fingers like the OEM bolt.

Volquartsen 22LR trijicon rmr optics

Volquartsen Scorpion in ODG with a Dead Air Silencers Mask and Trijicon RMR. Volquartsen VM-22 in OD Green equiped with a low mounted Trijicon RMR

There are also a few variants of the Scorpion and Black Mamba pistols

There is an “X” variant of the Scorpion and Black Mamba that has Volquartsen’s universal red dot mount that has numerous screw holes for a variety of optic footprints on the front or rear of the gun. This allows for mounting pistol red dots directly to the frame, creating a sleek and lightweight setup. The X variants don’t have picatinny rail underneath the barrel for mounting accessories.

Then there is a “Mini” variant of the Scorpion and Black Mamba which has a 3” barrel, which when coupled with a suppressor makes most ammunition subsonic. Most cartridges do not build up enough pressure to create velocities of over 1000 FPS within a distance of 3”. The Mini also does not have an accessory rail underneath the barrel due to the barrel length. The Mini variants have the standard adjustable target sights and picatinny rail for optics mounting.

Volquartsen Firearms are among the best rimfire guns out there. If you have any questions about Volquartsen firearms or would like to order one Contact Us

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