In 1974, Aimpoint pioneered the first electric red dot reflex sight for use

by hunters and sport shooters. Today, Aimpoint products are trusted by

military and professional agencies around the world, and continue to be the

top choice of hunters and competitive shooters.  


For a zero that you trust after a tumble down the hill, turrets that track reliably during heat,

cold, rain, and snow, and an image quality that allows you to find and identify targets quickly. 

Nightforce makes one of the most rugged optics available. 


Constantly improving what is good. This has been the SWAROVSKI OPTIK motto since day one.

For us, this also means exceeding customers’ expectations and surprising

them time and again with the precision of the products, innovative

technology, and comprehensive service.


Trijicon has led the industry in the development of superior any-light aiming systems since

the company’s founding in 1981. These systems include riflescopes,

red dot sights, electro optics, and iron sights.

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