Cosmi Semi-Automatic Shotgun

       You may have not heard of Cosmi, but they construct some of the finest semi-automatic shotguns in existence. At first glance, you may not even realize they are semi-automatic.  The Cosmi Semi-Automatic has the look and feel of a classic over-under shotgun, but it has an internal magazine that can hold up to 7 cartridges. Looking at the firearm would not lead you to believe it has such an incredible capacity. The concealed magazine tube feeds rearward through the pistol grip and into the stock. You can only see the evidence of a magazine tube on the buttpad of the gun.

Cosmi Semiautomatic Shotgun Internal Magazine

Model of the 7 round capacity  internal magzine 

At the end of the 19th Century, Rodolfo Cosmi worked as a craftsman in a small village in Montefeltro, in central Italy. Being of limited means, Rodolfo could not afford to buy a shotgun so he decided to build a “Decent Shotgun” for himself. In 1895, he built his first gun using some worn-out parts from an old shotgun and the shaft of an umbrella. His mechanical genius and ingenuity eventually culminated in the creation of the Cosmi Semi-Automatic break-action shotgun.

Rodolfo Cosmi holding a Semiautomatic

       The Cosmi shotgun comes in three variants. The Steel, Titanium, and Superleggero Titanium. The receivers on each model are made from either steel or titanium, allowing for a weight savings that increases with each model. The Superleggero, or super light, is made with a titanium receiver as well as titanium internals making it the lightest of the variants, as well as the most extravagant.

Cosmi Semiautomatic shotgun

A Cosmi Semiautomatic Titanium as portrayed by Nighthawk Custom, the exclusive importer of Cosmi

The internal view of a Cosmi action looks like a steampunk mechanism that has been highly refined to perfection. First the magazine tube loads with ease, then after moving the bolt rearward,  the final round is inserted directly into the chamber and finally  the bolt and action are closed. 

Cosmi makes a Semi-Automatic Rigato rifle that functions similarly to the Semi-Automatic shotgun and they also make classic side-by-sides and over-unders

The internal view of a Cosmi Semiautomatic Steel

The Cosmi is one of the most unique guns that you will find in any luxury arms collection. In a world of over-unders and bolt-actions, the Cosmi Semi-Automatic design brings a breath of fresh air to the firearms industry.

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