How to Suppress your rifle

You may have wondered what is involved with suppressing your rifle but do not know where to start. Which silencer, action, caliber, attachment method, or endcaps to choose; there is a lot to consider. Some are even confused as to what to even call them.

It is perfectly acceptable use silencers, suppressors, cans, or sound moderators when referring to them. In 1902, Hiram Percy Maxim was credited with creating the first commercially successful firearms silencer and later the ATF followed suit in naming the objects as silencers. We, just like many in the industry, tend to use the terms interchangeably.

The easiest place to start when you’re thinking of buying a suppressor is to first decide which gun(s) you would like to suppress, and for what purpose. As with many things in life, one must decide between features that will accomplish a variety of goals vs. those suited for a very specific task. Suppressors are no different. Are you looking to suppress your hunting rifle, your home defense gun, or both? There are a variety of solutions to fit your needs.

In recent years there has been an explosion in the number of suppressor manufacturers and models offered (what a great country). Bespoke Park City strives to offer the best products in every category and we have found  Dead Air Silencers  to be superior to most, which is why they are featured in our shop and will serve as the focus for this article.

Once the gun(s) to be suppressed are decided upon, the first factor to consider will be the caliber(s) to be covered. Some suppressors are caliber-specific, while others may cover a wide range of calibers, but may still excel in certain configurations.

Dead Air Mask on Volquartsen Scorpion

Dead Air Silencers Mask on a Volquartsen Scorpion

Rimfire calibers, including .22 Long Rifle, are mostly in a category of their own. The combination of the lower energy and diameter of the cartridge, along with the tendency to be a very “dirty” round, drives the can design. Suppressors, such as the Dead Air Mask, are great choices for target shooting and small game hunting with rimfire cartridges. The small size of the Mask makes carrying easy but is still excellent at taming the sound. Best of all, the baffles can be removed and cleaned as needed once fouled from the rimfire debris.

Dead Air Sandman-S

The Sandman-S utilizes the KeyMo system, which allows the user to install a variety of muzzle devices on their rifles and then quickly swap the can from rifle-to-rifle with ease. The KeyMo is welded into the suppressor body which makes it more durable but doesn’t allow flexibility for other mounting options and is slightly heavier than other direct-thread cans. Weighing in at 17.7 ounces (requiring an additional 3.6 – 4 ounce muzzle device) it does add a bit of weight to the front of your rifle. However, on most semi-auto rifles they balance well and feels exceptionally balanced on shorter barrels. On an ultralight hunting rifle, it might not be the perfect option, but is still up to the task.

How to suppress your rifle muzzle devices

Different attachments options from left to right: JMAC RRD-360-28S-X37,  DA301 Flash hider, DA428 Keymo adapter, JMAC RRD-360-28S-KM, JMAC RRD-2C-28S-KM

The Sandman-S utilizes the KeyMo system which the user to install a variety of muzzle devices on their rifles to use for a quick detach option. The KeyMo is welded into the suppressor body which makes it more durable but doesn’t allow for other mounting options.

The Sandman-S is a fantastic suppressor, but its main downside is that it is a bit heavy. Weighing in at 17.7 ounces without the added 3.6 – 4-ounce muzzle device, it does add a bit of weight to the front of your rifle. On most semi-auto rifles, they balance just fine, but it does feel exceptionally balanced on shorter barrels. On an ultralight hunting rifle, it will feel a bit cumbersome

Dead Air Silencers Nomad-TI on the left and  Nomad LTi on the right

Next, the Nomad Ti series of suppressors are the perfect option for hunters who have a lightweight rifle but want to keep the overall weight down for stalking and hiking.

The Dead Air Nomad LTi is an ultralight suppressor made with 6AL-4V titanium that keeps the weight to a mere 12.6 ounces. The Nomad LTi is rated up to .300 Norma Magnum, which has higher pressures than the .300 RUM. Note that because the Nomad LTi is made from titanium, it has a barrel length restriction of 12.5” and it is not full-auto rated.

The Nomad TI series can be used on semi-auto rifles, but there are firing schedule limitations.

Dead Air is quoted saying “Limit rapid-fire usage to 1-2 mags and then allow one minute of cooldown per mag used to minimize operating at extreme temps. Additional time may be needed if multiple sequences of mags are fired to avoid a steady heat ramp from occurring.”

Nomad TI series, Nomad-30 with Keymo adapter, and different attachment methods below

The Nomad LTi comes with a direct thread adapter (available in a variety of thread sizes), but because the adapter is not welded to the body, you can use any industry standard Hub mount, such as the aforementioned Dead Air KeyMo, or the lighter-weight Dead Air Xeno mount.

If you’re mostly using a silencer on your hunting rifle, with only occasional use on a semi-automatic with limited rapid fire, it’s a great choice.

Dead Air Nomad-30

If you still cannot decide between the Sandman-S and the Nomad TI series of cans, this is where the Nomad-30 excels. The Nomad-30 is made of 17-4 PH stainless steel, weighs in at 14.5 oz, and is a perfect compromise between the two as it splits the difference in weight, but can handle heavy use.

Like the Nomad TI series, it is also direct thread with the option of using any industry standard mount. The Nomad-30 has no barrel restrictions and is rated for full auto fire. It can also withstand pressures up to .300 Norma Magnum just like the Nomad TI series.

Blaser R8 Suppress rifle

Blaser R8 chambered in 300 win mag with a Nomad LTi on it

If you’re primarily a hunter, the Nomad Ti series is for you. If you’re mainly training with high round counts, or even own some full-auto firearms, the Sandman-S is for you. If you’re not sure where your collection lies on the scale, or you are not wanting to buy multiple cans, the Nomad-30 may be the right choice for your needs and won’t disappoint in any scenario.

In short, there are a wide variety of silencers that can fit your needs, some may just be a little more in tune with your collection. The same can be said with pistol and rimfire suppressors, which we will cover in a subsequent article.

If you have been considering getting into the world of suppressors, schedule a viewing at our shop and Bespoke Park City will gladly help you through the selection and purchasing process.

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